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"I feel I am called to serve on the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education for District 6 because of the great education my daughters received and because I know the importance of a strong school system on the success of our community."

Lincoln needs a strong school system to continue thriving and attracting a talented workforce. Lincoln Public Schools has built this reputation on decades of intelligent planning supported by strong school boards with a focus on the present and future.

"Bob Rauner is a strong advocate for Lincoln Public Schools and excellence in education. His service on numerous LPS advisory committees as well as his abilities to analyze, problem solve, and plan would serve us well on the school board. Bob is an exceptional leader who is committed to prepare our students for their future."

Kathy Campbell
Former State Senator

"For years Bob Rauner has devoted his time and talents to the students of Lincoln Public Schools. He has made a consistent effort to improve the academic success of students through creating programs that support physical health in our schools. Dr. Rauner has also served LPS committees that are looking to future improvements in the development of the LPS system. When he is elected, he has the tenacity, the desire, and the background in LPS leadership to work as a successful board member."

Patsy Koch Johns
State Board of Education Member and Former LPS Teacher

Bob's Priorities

His three main focuses

Long-Term Planning

Bob plans to expand the education system as well as increase the opportunity for learning job and workplace skills.
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Lower Property Taxes

Bob wants to close our excessive number of sales-tax exemptions which would broaden the base of state funding for education and lower our property tax burden.
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Healthier Schools

Bob has spent more than 10 years working with Lincoln Public Schools to improve the health of students — and the results have been highlighted nationally by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the Journal of Pediatrics.
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Letter from Bob

Hello everyone,
I’m writing to thank you all for your generous support for my campaign.  Thanks to our hard work and early start back in November, it looks like we are already headed to a winning campaign because the incumbent decided not to run for reelection in December and no one else has filed to run for the open seat.  After discussing with the campaign committee and staff, we think it would be best to pay off our remaining expenses and hold off on buying any more adds or yard signs. We will instead donate the money designated for advertising and printing to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools.
I am planning to repurpose the time I had planned on using to campaign, and instead use that time studying up on the issues so that I can hit the ground running in May. 
Thank you so much for your support!